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  • 1:1 Counseling: Clinical, therapeutic support for adult individuals (20+) who are seeking an evidence-based and holistic approach to mental health care. 

  • Courses: Check out my signature self-paced e-course, Boundaries for Abundance!


  • Walk-and-Talk Consultation: Support for the therapist who’s wanting to learn how to incorporate walk-and-talk outdoor sessions into their business practices. 

  • Business Consultation: Guidance for the new therapist-entrepreneur who is looking to grow their practice to feel both successful and sustainable. 



  • Hemlock Coaching Services: 1:1 mental health coaching and mentorship for the adventurous in spirit! Evidence-based, highly effective, programs to equip you to be the healthiest, happiest and REALEST version of yourself. For the individual who has big goals, secret potential, but needs some extra support to execute!

  • Speaking: Keynote messages delivered by Kelsee, including both educational and inspirational events, lunch-and-learns, and podcast interviews. Kelsee is a dynamic, engaging speaker who participants feel that they can relate to.


"Kelsee is among the best counselors that I have been fortunate enough to work with. She has gone above and beyond with her compassionate and positive approach."

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