how we can
 partner together



  • 1:1 Counseling: Clinical, therapeutic support for adult individuals (20+) who are seeking an evidence-based and holistic approach to mental health care. 

  • Courses: Join the waitlist for my upcoming Boundaries for Abundance e-course!


  • Walk-and-Talk Consultation: Support for the therapist who’s wanting to learn how to incorporate walk-and-talk outdoor sessions into their business practices. 

  • Speaking: Keynote messages delivered by Kelsee, including both educational and inspirational events, lunch-and-learns, and podcast interviews. Kelsee is a dynamic, engaging speaker who participants feel that they can relate to.



  • Next Chapter Coaching: 1:1 mentorship for individuals who are experiencing a big life transition, such as ending a relationship or pivoting in their career. This is intimate, direct, and highly activating support that includes regular video calls and frequent Voxer support over a 5 month period. 


"Kelsee is among the best counselors that I have been fortunate enough to work with. She has gone above and beyond with her compassionate and positive approach."