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frequently asked questions

  • Do You Accept Health Insurance?
    I do not accept health insurance. I am able to offer more affordable therapy by not paneling with insurance. I am also able to spend more time working directly with clients rather than paperwork and billing, which allows me to give you the highest standard of care. Lastly, in order to work with insurance, I would be required to give you a diagnosis, which would become a permanent part of your medical record and could adversely affect your ability to apply for certain benefits (such as disability should you ever need it). I believe that not everyone needs a formal diagnosis; some people just need to talk and explore. Diagnostic impressions are still a big part of my work and how I determine an effective treatment plan, but it is not something that defines you or your worth. I am able to provide you with a Super Bill, to seek reimbursement on your own if you request this.
  • Are You a Religious Counselor?
    Nope! My therapeutic practices are rooted in bio-psycho-social theories and scientific research, not any kind of religious belief system. With that said, I do acknowledge spirituality as a component of holistic health, and will be supportive of your exploration and integration of this part of your life, if that is of value to you.
  • I’m a Member of the LGBTQ+ Community. Will I Be Safe With You?
    I am an LGBTQ+ ally and affirming therapist. I love supporting the Queer community. I am also a Pro-Choice-Affirming therapist. I take my responsibility to be a humble learner very seriously and regularly seek continuing education and training that will enable me to cultivate a space that is especially safe for individuals of marginalized people groups to be their authentic selves while accessing inclusive, quality mental health care.
  • I’ve Never Been To Therapy Before. What Should I Expect?
    Welcome!! Different therapists take slightly different approaches, but here is what you can expect from me. A therapy session is a time that is focused alllll about you and your needs. You’ll talk. I’ll listen. I’ll ask questions. I’ll (gently) challenge you. I’ll teach you skills. We’ll sit in silence together. I’ll be transparent about the process with you along the way. I’ll give a little homework from time-to-time. We’ll laugh (I laugh a lot with my clients). We’ll celebrate big and small wins (big hype-woman energy over here). I’ll equip you to continue growing outside of sessions. We’ll be curious and collaborate together (because we’re both experts). The biggest difference between me and other therapists is that I am 100% human. I mean, all therapists are human, but I will SHOW YOU my humanness. My office is warm and cozy; not serious and sterile. My wardrobe isn’t too professional. People often say that coming to my office feels like going over to their best friend’s house. They kick off their shoes, and curl up with a blanket. The first intake session is 50-75 minutes and will feel a little like an interview as I gather your life history and take lots of notes. The next sessions after that are 50-60 minutes, intentional and relaxed; mostly consisting of you talking and us working on skills.
  • Do You Offer Virtual Counseling?
    Yes. I offer therapy in 3 settings: my cozy office on the northside of Indy, at local parks, and via telehealth for residents all over Indiana.
  • I’m A Fellow Therapist. Can You Teach Me How To Incorporate The Outdoors Into My Own Counseling Practice?
    I love supporting other therapists and am happy to offer consultation for how to incorporate this modality into your practice. In a consultation session I will answer your questions pertaining to both the clinical and business application of this modality. Contact me for more info regarding professional consultation.
  • What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellations or Reschedules must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time. Otherwise, you will still be charged your full session fee. I understand that life can be messy, so all clients have a one-time “freebie” day-of cancellation, however frequently missing appointments may be grounds for termination. Communication is key.
  • Can You Fix Me?
    I do not believe that people are broken or need to be fixed. Rather, I believe we have a range of experiences that sometimes give us emotional injuries that affect our future experiences. While I cannot guarantee any kind of outcome from your therapeutic experience, I CAN teach you skills and support your deep exploration of experiences, themes, beliefs, and emotions. I can help you find new insights, set goals, and learn more about yourself. I can model a healthy relationship for you. And I can cheer you on as you “fix” you.
  • I Found You on Instagram. Is That Weird?
    Not at all. Instagram is a huge part of how I market my business and build community. Feel free to follow, share, and engage. With that said, if you are seeking counseling services from me, I will not follow you back, nor will I direct message with you. Please understand that your engagement could limit your confidentiality. So engage at your own risk. If you ever see something on my social media that is confusing, concerning, or makes you feel some kind of way, you are always welcome to bring that up in session. :)
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