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What is coaching?

In coaching, you will work 1:1 with a coach in order to reach your goals and improve your life. As your coach, we will take an empowering approach at helping you make and meet your goals.


While we do take a positive approach, you can expect us to be honest with you and to gently challenge you to be your best self. You can also expect to have reasonable homework to help you take an active role in meeting your goals between sessions.


The coach-client relationship is like that of a team. We will use our expertise to empower you towards making your goals become a reality, so that you can take the skills and mindset you developed and continue to grow without a coach in the future. 

Coaching is meant to be short-term. Sometimes, through the coaching experience, clients discover that they'd like to pursue counseling. We can easily transition these services if needed.  

How much does coaching cost? 

Coaching is $100 per session. 

How payment methods do you accept?

For coaching, I will accept cash, credit/debit, check, and Venmo.

Payment is due at the time of service.  

How will we meet? Coaching is offered for clients nation-wide. We can meet virtually or in-person for people in the Indianapolis area.  We can further refine your preferred meeting method together. Please keep in mind that I reside in the Eastern Time Zone. 

How long / how often will we meet for coaching?

We will determine your frequency and longevity of coaching together based on your needs and goals. This can be a continuing conversation between the client and coach. 

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long.