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Next Chapter Coaching

Ending a relationship (romantic or otherwise) can be one of the most confusing experiences. Quitting a job is one of the most stressful. Moving to a new state, switching careers, starting a new lifestyle, or making big changes can be an overwhelming experience when navigated solo. 


Approaching big life transitions can sometimes cause us to lack confidence and self-assurance. Yet, when given the right support, the ending of these chapters can be a powerful catalyst for self-expansion and growth. If you sense the end of one chapter and the beginning of another is near, I offer targeted support for this very experience. From the contemplation to completion and debriefing beyond, I provide accountability and support to help you make the most of writing your new life chapters.


As someone who divorced her high school boyfriend-turned husband at age 25, quit her toxic career in education, ended an estranged relationship with an abusive family member, and was excommunicated from a place of worship, I know a thing or two about closing one chapter and starting another. I’ve stumbled and danced my way through these experiences, to come out on the other side equipped to handle any kind of conclusion with confidence and peace.


I now understand that saying goodbye to certain seasons provides the opportunity for us to move even closer to the highest version of ourselves we are most excited to be. And now I’m offering all I’ve learned to you, in this coaching model so that you can make progress and find alignment quicker and with a little less guessing.


In this program you will gain confidence, insight, and become more in-tune with your intuition than you ever have been before. You’ll close one chapter with gratitude and begin another with assurance of who you are and who you want to be, as you make values aligned decisions that propel you forward. 


This is a 1:1 virtual coaching experience that includes every-other-weekly video calls and unlimited access via Voxer over the course of 5 powerful months. This is a highly activating experience and you will not be the same person after stepping into this container.


These spots are extremely limited, so if you find yourself in the position with a new chapter around the corner, be sure you are on the waiting list to be the first to apply when new spots open. 








"We connected right away, and I instantly felt comfortable."

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