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consultation services

Walk-and-Talk Consultation

Are you a fellow therapist who’s curious about incorporating outdoor sessions into your therapy practice?

I offer one-hour and half-hour consultation meetings, where I will share both the clinical and business application of the nature-based and movement-based modalities that I use with clients and answer your questions. 

Consultation is available virtually or in-person and to therapists across the country. You may also request an experiential consultation, in which we meet at a park the way you would for this kind of session. Consultation services *may count towards your informal CEU credits, depending on your state’s licensing requirements. I charge time-and-a-half for consultation services. Please contact me for further information.

I offer one-hour and half-hour consultation meetings, for both new and seasoned therapist-entrepreneurs who are looking to build or pivot their practices in a way that feels both successful and sustainable for you. 

They didn't teach us about business in grad school, so I have invested months of time and thousands of dollars in business coaching so that I can be an expert in the business of therapy. 

Nothing is off the table- I'll share everything I know so that you can feel just as confident with your business as you do with your therapy skills. 

I am especially helpful regarding marketing and copy-writing, client-acquisition and retention, shifting into the coaching space, and ethical applications to therapy practice and business.

Business Consultation



Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, and relatable keynote speaker for your next event? Seeking your next podcast or e-course guest? I have years of speaking and teaching experiences. Whether it be lecture halls of 400+ college students, small groups & private events, and commencement crowds of thousands- I find the entire speaking experience to be exhilarating. 

As the host of my own podcast, Evergreen Thinking, and the guest of other shows, I’ve been told that my voice is soothing and my stories relatable. Connecting with others through communication is one of my greatest strengths and pleasures. Contact me for booking and pricing.








"I tried so many things on my own, but it wasn't until working with you that I made this kind of progress."

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