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counseling services

1:1 Counseling

If you are seeking effective and empowering mental health care, you’ve come to the right place. Counseling is both a proactive and intervening form of health-care. The counseling interventions that I use are evidence-based and many of the modalities are empirically proven to be effective.


Counseling with me is both a clinical and collaborative experience, in which we develop goals and a treatment plan that is based off of a diagnostic impression of your symptomatology.

In other words: You'll share your experience. I'll listen and develop a theory as to why you might be experiencing challenges. Then we set a game-plan that we both feel good about to address your concerns. 


A counseling appointment is 50-minutes dedicated to YOU - your needs, your story, your goals. Some clients meet weekly, while others meet every-two-weeks or even once per-month after reaching a maintenance stage. 

Be prepared to think deeply, speak honestly, and laugh a lot. Kick off your shoes and grab a blanket- I have a reputation of the coziest of offices. :)

At this time, I am only seeing adult (20+) individuals. I do NOT see couples, families, or youth. 

We may meet in-office or on a walk-and-talk in downtown Indianapolis. OR virtually for clients all throughout Indiana. 

May 2024 Update: It is extremely common for me to have a lengthy waitlist, but I recently expanded my capacity. My waitlist is short at the moment. If you are on the fence about starting therapy, now is the time to get an early spot on the waitlist!









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