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What is counseling?

Counseling (also referred to as therapy) is when you meet with a therapist to talk about things that are happening in your life in order to reach a goal. It is an appointment all about you, for you, in order to improve your life and reach your desired goals.

Some of the common reasons people seek counseling include: Grief and Loss, General Personal Growth, Anxiety, Abuse, Family Issues, Depression, Addictive Behaviors, Stress Management, Life Transitions, Work and Career Issues, Issues of Self-Esteem/Self-Worth, Guilt and Shame, Perfectionism, Emotional Regulation and Anger Management, Personal Identity, Relationship Issues, Boundaries, School/Education Challenges, Communication Skills, and Pre-Marital Preparation.


Everyone has unique reasons for seeking therapy. Some folks come to therapy due to a life crisis, while other choose therapy in order to gain more clarity over their lives. 

We offer therapy for:

Individuals 13+



Do you offer Group Counseling?

Yes. Walk-n-Talk Support groups will be generated based on client needs. More information will be posted about these groups. We currently do not have any open groups.

How long / how often will we meet for counseling?

We will determine your frequency and longevity of therapy together based on your needs and goals. This can be a continuing conversation between the client and therapist. 

The initial intake (first) appointment can last up to 75 minutes long. 

After that, sessions are 60 minutes long. 

Where will we meet for outdoor counseling? 

At least the first 3 sessions will be in-office (located on the north-side of Indianapolis) before we begin incorporating other outdoor locations into the treatment. This is to ensure that the client and therapist have time to develop a positive relationship and to ensure both of our safety. 

Once we begin meeting outdoors, Kelsee will provide you with a list of park options that you may meet at for outdoor sessions. The location will be agreed upon by both parties. 

What about the weather? If the weather is poor, we may meet virtually, through tele-health or in the counseling office. 

Where is your office? Hemlock Counseling Services is an independent counseling practice located inside of Peace of Mind Counseling Services. Peace of Mind Counseling Services is located at: 941 East 86th Street, Suite 112, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240.

Are you a religious-based counselor? No. My therapeutic practices are rooted in bio-psycho-social theories and scientific research, not any kind of religious belief system. With that said, I do acknowledge spirituality as a component of holistic health care, that has differing levels of importance for each individual. This is something we will discuss in our initial intake session.  

How much does counseling cost? 

You asked; we will answer!

The intake session for all individuals is $150 for 75 minutes in-office.

In-office sessions after the intake are 60 minutes and $125.

Outdoor sessions are 60 minutes and $150.

For couples/family, the initial session is $200 and the rate for ongoing sessions in office is $180. For couples/family outdoors, the ongoing rate is $250 per session.

If we are meeting you outside of the 465 loop, then there may be an additional charge for travel.  

Do you offer a free consultation? 

General 15-minute phone call inquiries that are free.

I offer 30-minute consultations for $50. 

Do you accept insurance? 

Hemlock Counseling Services is out of network and we do not bill insurance for counseling. We do accept HSA/FSA, cash, credit/debit, and Venmo. 


By not billing insurance, we are able to offer more affordable therapy. We are also able to spend more time doing counseling, rather than paperwork, which gives us the ability to provide you with the highest standard of care.


By not billing insurance we are able to provide you with a more convenient counseling experience by having flexibility with our meeting locations. 


Lastly, in order to bill insurance, we would need to provide you with a mental health diagnosis, which could stay on your medical record permanently and impact your ability to apply for certain insurance programs and benefits (like disability, should you ever need it). At Hemlock Counseling Services, we believe that not every client needs a diagnosis; sometimes clients just need support.

If we are not a good fit for you financially, we would be happy to help refer you to a therapist who might be better suited to meet your financial needs. 

We currently accept HSA/FSA, cash, credit/debit, and Venmo. All payment is due at the time of service. 

What is your cancelation policy? 

You are expected to cancel or reschedule appointments sooner than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. We understand that accidents happen, so you will have one "freebie" cancellation / no show. 

After you have used this freebie, if you do not cancel or let us know more than 24 hours in advanced that you will miss your appointment, you will be responsible for paying 50% of the cost of the appointment. 

If this continues to happen again, we will need to discuss the readiness and fit for services, and may need to terminate the counseling agreement in some cases. 

If you show up late to an appointment, you will still be charged for the total time of the appointment. 

If there are reasonable technological issues with tele-health appointments, you may only be charged for the time that we were able to meet. 

I'm ready. What's my first step? Please use the form on the Contact page to inquire about services. We typically respond within 72 hours.