Mental Health Programming & Speaking
Let's start planning your dream event today! 

Why Programming?

Programming brings together Kelsee's two passions: outdoor recreation and mental health care. Kelsee has been sought after to help organizations, such as parks departments and educational institutions to develop mental health programming for a wide variety of participants. 

Our most popular programming teaches mindfulness through engaging the 5 senses in an outdoor context. This can be accomplished through 5-Week Workshop style programs as well as single 2-hour events, and everything in between. 

Our programming is highly customizable but will always incorporate a few key characteristics: 

Education (teaching component)

Experience (engaging and participatory component)

Exploration (outdoor/nature component)

Communication and Collaboration is key to developing a program to fit your needs. Let us know what you're looking for! 

Public Speaking 

Kelsee loves educating and inspiring groups of all sizes through public speaking. She has led workshops and trainings, and professional development. Kelsee has been a guest speaker for crowds of less than 20 and over 400. Please contact us to inquire about having Kelsee speak at your next event. 

How much does Programming cost?

Programming is priced by your specific needs, your location, size of organization, and other criteria. Please contact us to discuss these determining factors and to inquire about pricing.