Career Services
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What are Career Services?

Our career services are focused on helping clients effectively communicate their skills and experiences to employers. We have experience working with college admissions, professional recruiters and employers, in addition to specialized training in career readiness. 


We use this expertise to guide you in developing resumés, cover letters, and other application supporting documents. We also offer interview preparation and practice, as well as general career counseling.


Our best-selling career service is our Resumé Building program. We offer our expertise to help you best communicate your skills and experiences to recruiters and employers, wherever you are in your occupational journey.   

We offer two main packages in our resumé building program:

The Resumé Refresh and Resumé Foundations, outlined below. 

The Resumé Refresh

The Resumé Refresh is for someone who has already created a resumé at some point in their career, but needs additional support to really make their resumé standout. 

Resumé Refresh clients come to us in preparation for a career change, or when applying for a new opportunity. We look at what you provide us with, and help you take it to the next professional level. 

This service is especially helpful when a client is changing industries and trying to translate their former experiences to something new. 

We will look at your overall resumé presentation and can make edits on any components that will enhance your hire-ability, including proofreading, language, layout and formatting, content, and more. 


How does it work?

The Resumé Refresh can take place virtually for client's nation-wide, or in-person for clients in Indiana. You'll provide us with your current resumé ahead of time, along with our questionnaire to provide more info about your new opportunity. We'll meet for 60 minutes, and work on editing your resumé together. We will typically be finished in that single session. However, we recommend meeting for an additional 30 minutes after you've taken your resumé home and done some more work to it. This can be scheduled up-front or after you've taken your resumé home. 

Cover Letter Crafting & Supporting Documents

It's a good idea to have a cover letter crafted and ready to go, should you need one for an application. We offer support writing your eye-catching cover letter. Whether you want more of a refresh and proofreading, or you are starting from scratch, we've got the flow for formulating a cover letter that will actually get read, and get you noticed.  

We also offer our expertise in preparing any other elements that support your applications, such as:

  1. Choosing the best Personal References

  2. Writing Personal Statements

  3. Prepping Letters of Recommendation & Asking Recommenders

  4. Sending Application Follow-up Emails

  5. Interview Practice and Preparation

Career Counseling

Workplace Dissatisfaction. Work-Life-Balance. Career Changes. Work-Related Relocation. Career Interests and Discovery. These are some of the many career-related issues that clients are seeking counseling for. If you are a resident of Indiana, and are interested in counseling for career related issues, visit the counseling page on our website to learn more about the therapeutic process and pricing for therapy.  

How much does it cost? 

You asked, I will answer!

The Resumé Refresh is $75 for one 60-minute session. If you choose to add the recommended 30-minute follow-up, you'll receive that follow-up appointment at a discounted rate of $25. 

Resumé Foundations is $150 for a series of three 45-minute sessions. 

Cover Letter and other Supporting Element Services start at $50 per one-hour sessions and can be added on to any package. 

Career Counseling is a category of general Counseling, therefor our standard counseling rates and policies apply. You can find that info by Clicking Here.

All payment is due at the time of service. 

Resumé Foundations

This service is most ideal for the client who has never created a resumé, has little knowledge about what goes into a resumé, or the client who is refreshing their resumé for the first time in 10+ years.  

In Resumé Foundations, we will teach you how to build a powerful resumé from the ground up over the course of multiple sessions. 

By the time you finish Resumé Foundations, you will not only have an impressive resumé, ready to be submitted to employers, but you will also have a solid understanding of how to manipulate your resumé for the rest of your working-life, as you apply to new opportunities across any industry. 

Resumé Foundations is popular amongst high school students who are applying for their first part-time job or who are preparing to apply for their post-secondary opportunities (college, trade-school, employment, etc.). 

Resumé Foundations is also popular amongst college students who are applying for internships, first jobs in their new career, or additional higher education opportunities (graduate school, nursing school, etc.). 

In Resumé Foundations, you will:

1. Create a master list of your experiences that you can easily pull-and-plug from when manipulating your resumés

2. Apply the best communication technique to transfer any of your experiences to any opportunity - yes, even those experiences that seem completely irrelevant. 

3. Discover our effective technique for finding the overlap between your skills and the skills employers are looking for. 

4. Save Time, by using our quick and easy process for modifying your resumé to fit different opportunities, without starting over from scratch on every application. 

5. Develop the resumé formatting that will get your application noticed and respected amongst recruiters. 

How does it work?

Resumé Foundations is a series of 3- 45-minute sessions, where the client will have homework in between. The amount of work you put into this experience will directly translate into how strong your resumé foundation will be. 

Presentations and Workshops

We love to collaborate with high school counselors and community organizations to present on career preparation. We offer presentations and workshops around resumé building, cover letter writing, and more. Contact us for more information about how we can collaborate and serve you.