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outside of the office
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Have you been turned-off by the traditional in-office model of therapy? Do you have a difficult time sitting still during a long counseling session? Do you love the outdoors and moving your body?


At Hemlock Counseling Services, we believe that therapy doesn't have to take place in an office in order to be effective. We've seen powerful transformations occur when therapy is taken outdoors, paired with movement and nature.

Clients have the opportunity to include Walk-and-Talk and Hike-2-Heal outdoor therapy sessions as a part of their treatment plans. Other types of outdoor recreation can also be incorporated, such as rock climbing or kayaking.

Our vision is to empower clients through the use of outdoor recreation alongside evidence-based counseling practices in order to offer effective mental health care.  

Based in Indianapolis Indiana, we offer counseling for:


Individuals ages 16+



Groups (when available)


We also offer therapy in-office and through telehealth. Whether you prefer a casual walk on a paved greenway or a brisk hike on rolling dirt trails; sitting in the shade of a gazebo or an open park bench; Hemlock Counseling Services conveniently meets you where you are in order to get you where you want to be.

therapeutic support for:

General Personal Growth

Low Self-Worth

Big Life Transitions

Self-Concept and Identity Development


Professional Burnout

Grief and Loss


Self-Esteem Issues



LGBTQ+ Support


Body Image

Family and Relationship Issues

Communication Skills

Emotional Dysregulation

Career/School/Education Challenges

Pre-Marital Preparation (non-religious)

Guilt and Shame



And More...