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My vision is to utilize curiosity and genuine human connection alongside evidenced-based mental health practices, in order to equip you to cultivate an adventurous life, embrace the power of your unique story, and employ your strengths so that you may both prosper and continue your healing journey beyond the counseling office, long after our time together.


 where healing occurs  outside of the office

welcome to hemlock

Hemlock Counseling Services is a safe, empowering space where distressed adults can heal their mental health, learn to trust their body & mind, and express & regulate their emotions, so that they can develop into the healthiest, most authentic versions of themselves- while also enjoying nature. I believe that everyone has the capacity to grow when given the right support, and that there is no cookie-cutter model for meeting our unique therapeutic needs. My job is to equip you to continue your healing independently, outside of the therapy office.

meet kelsee


Most recognized by my authenticity and tenderness, I’m a real human who helps folks find comfort and make meaning of this experience called life.


My therapeutic approach is a collaborative, empowering, humanistic blending of evidence-based, person-centered practices such as CBT, Mindfulness, Inner-Child / Parts Work, with Outdoor Recreation.

If you wrestle with anxiety, existential worries, or any kind of heaviness, and are ready to put in the work to feel better, you’ve come to the right place. 


how we can work together



Clinical, therapeutic support for adult individuals (20+) who are seeking an evidence-based and holistic approach to mental health care.

Kelsee is currently accepting new clients! 



Support for the therapist-entrepreneur who is looking to grow a practice that feels both successful and sustainable.

Kelsee also advises other clinicians on how to incorporate walk-and-talk and nature-based modalities into their business practices.



Hemlock Coaching Services is our sister company that offers remote Mental Health Coaching programs, courses, and services nation-wide! 

Kelsee also offers dynamic keynote speaking for events and podcasts.

we might be a good fit if...


You’re no stranger to self-help resources. It feels like you’ve tried everything! From books to podcasts, instagram psychologists, meditation apps, and #TherapyTok. You’ve seen some improvements, but aren’t quite where you wanna be yet. 


This is your first time considering therapy OR you’re ready to give it a second chance - either way, you may be a little apprehensive and excited at the same time.


You’re down to be challenged and consider new ways of thinking and behaving. 


You’re not one to sit passively on the couch and let therapy happen to you. You’re ready to put in the effort beyond our 60-minutes together to make some serious mental health gains outside of the office.


You’re curious about why you are the way that you are and are in search of deeper insight.


Sitting still and serious for a long time is challenging for you. You tend to learn and process in a more laid-back environment with freedom to fidget. You don’t like being put in a box and might even identify as an enneagram 4. 


You’re drawn to people who keep it real, can laugh at themselves, are endlessly curious, and who are interested in lifelong self-expansion. 


You love the outdoors and moving your body, and holistic health is a value of yours. 


You’re able and willing to make the financial investment and commit to showing up for the therapeutic process- because you believe your mental health is worth it. 


Deep down, you know you’re capable of more. You just need a nudge in the right direction, and the right kind of cheerleader.

if this sounds like you, i bet we'd make a great match!

therapeutic support for

Low Self-Worth & Self-Esteem Issues
LGBTQ+ Affirming Support
Pro-Choice Affirming Support
Big Life Transitions

General Personal Growth

Finding and Using Your Voice

Identity Development
Grief and Loss
Family of Origin Issues
Emotional Dysregulation
Existential Crisis
Spiritual Deconstruction

Boundaries + Communication

Hemlock Journal Jumpstart.png

Journaling. Most either love it or hate it.
My thought? We need to break a few rules and get over the idea of the "right" way to journal in order to really reap the benefits. 
So, I created this PDF and podcast combo, that gives you my top anti-rules for journaling as well as my favorite journaling prompts.
Click the subscribe button to receive your "Journaling Jumpstart" free download & subscribe to my email list!

what hemlock clients are saying

"I appreciate that you always meet me where I’m at. You’ll drop the agenda if I have a more immediate need."

associated with

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2023 indiana counselor of the year
nominated and voted by the Indiana Counseling Association board

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